Meet ‘sharky’

Stef ‘Sharky’ schultz

Hi! It’s me. I don’t like to do the ‘third person’ thing, capisce?

Anyways. In a world where AI does everything now, maybe I’m not so special anymore for winning a design award, writing and producing my own music since before my teens, or having had my fine art in galleries from coast to coast in the United States.

But ya know what? That’s not going to stop me from creating.

Nor should anything stop you! Whilst you’re here though, enjoy the decades of amassed comics, music, and poetry. This is the website that started about…5 other websites by now. And the nickname, “Sharky,” came from growing up in a family obsessed with Film and sharks, then going on to create this website in my late teens, with its unique and quirky title. Friends, fans, and colleagues are responsible for it sticking; I’m a filmmaker, and let’s just say that “Sharky” is more memorable than “Stef” on set.

All righty then. Enjoy!
And contact me if you have any questions or want to collaborate.

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links to OTHER ventures

Did you know that if you’re human, you’re an artist?
Here’s the website where I provide consulting on just that – Check it out!
Stef Sharky
My main website nowadays, where
a great deal of newer professional work lives.
Home of the award-winning Hunnie Bumble brand!

A great inspiration while growing up –
check out my folks’ work at Shark City Ozark!