“Don’t look back, you’ll break your neck.
Jump to conclusions, you will fall.
You will only be perfect in a perfect world.”


Sorry Little Sharky published Misterguy, a double-shot cult classic comic, in 2017, and has since released works including ‘The Tormented Smileys From Outer Heck-Darn’, and the award-winning brand Hunnie Bumble and Friends.

Upcoming Tours & DestinationS

Whew! Let me get back to you on future appearances. We’ve played that game, it’s been a while since “The Sorry Little Tour,” a national endeavor launched from 2017 – 2018 to promote Misterguy and my then-new musical album release, “Sorry Little Sharky Vol. 1.” It involved multiple dozens of bookstore signings, convention appearances, panel chats, and other exclusive exhibitions too. Met a lot of heroes and inspirations, including Walter Koenig, who really loved my comic. You should check out his own comic, by the way, called, “Raver!”

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